Entangled by Sugar…

Rattlesnake Point, Milton ON.

The wind is changing, the air is getting crisper day by day. What better way to enjoy the season’s change than a hike up to Rattlesnake Point with a gorgeous friend and her beautiful family!

On a beautiful sunny morning we met up with Irena, Mia, Adam and of course Sugar.  We headed right up to the lookout to capture all of fall’s glory with Adam leading the way.

The lookout is a great spot from where you can see almost all of Milton and beyond. What a perfect spot for the family that loves the escarpment…

When you find an awesome spot it’s time to do some individual shots…so just as Mia and Irena were setting up to take their portrait….little brothers:

Sugar was our special guest for the day!  She’s quite young and was quite excited to be a part of the family shoot so we have a few pictures where she’s successfully tangled up the family in her leash and others where she’s straining to get going and Mia’s trying to get her to sit still!  All in all I think we managed to get stately portraits of Sugar and her best friend Mia!